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Landscaping Results.


About Richland 

Delivering Groundbreaking Results.

Richland Landscape & Construction is a specialist in delivering high quality landscape construction services throughout the Greater Toronto Area.  We are experienced at providing landscape solutions for public and private spaces. We also provide the same sevices for boutique development companies and direct sub-contract companies.

Richland has cultivated a reputation for excellence in landscape construction throughout the years of operation. Our reputation doesn’t only come from the quality of finished projects we deliver; it is also due to the level of customer service that we provide. We go the extra mile to create sustainable outdoor spaces that exceed your expectations. Our team offers a diverse range of skills and experience to provide expert advice at every stage of your project.


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During the most recent Board of Directors Meeting for the Corporation, the Board discussed the most recently completed job and requested that the Manager issue this correspondence expressing the great amount of satisfaction the Board and owners have with the job completed.

Your crew should be commended on a job well done and we applaud you for your foresight in working with the requests we put forth. Once again thank you for your efforts and we wish you and your company all the success in your future.

We will not hesitate to contact your company should we require any future landscape modifications.


Mike Mullen – Property Manager, Wilson, Blanchard Management Inc.

Jack N.





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